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‘Sailors Adrift’, tells the stories of young men at sea accompanied by quotes of Herman Melville’s 1851 classic ‘Moby Dick’. Setting ashore for a short while in Nisyros, they inhabit the 19th century hallways of the thermal baths. The fine art prints of hand-coloured and embroidered photographs reflect on the sea, departures, destinations and harbors for the mariners.


Traces of embroidery mimic a cartographer’s hand, depicting travels on endless oceans and seas. Bold blocks of colour evoke distant landmasses found on ancient maps. Much like tattooed tears these lines and colours recount the stories of the sailors – naval wars fought, new lands discovered, struggles against adverse weather and the loneliness within.


Melancholy, longing, male vulnerability and sexuality are reflected in their never smiling eyes, photographed as mementoes for loved ones they may never see again. Now marked by the stories of their journeys and lives they have found a safe haven in the quiet Mediterranean port of Loutra for us to share their tales.


Each Image is 1 of 3 Limited Edition Prints

Signed and Dated 2019

Glicee Print on Art Deco 220GM | 40 X 30 CM

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